Case Studies

Here are stories from some of our most successful clients.


Covet Fashion is a cooperative mobile game where you dress up in the latest designer fashions – enter contests that showcase your personal style – and buy those clothes in real life. Released in 2013, Covet Fashion is a breakthrough hit with over 3 million players and a healthy revenue stream.


Happify is a digital health service, based on the science of happiness. You get a baseline happiness score, then do proven happiness exercises in a convenient, game-like format. Periodic assessments show that thousands of subscribers are getting happier every day.


Pley is a toy rental service for Lego sets and high-tech toys. Part of the sharing economy, Pley delivers a great core experience: you get a fun, exciting toy in the mail, build and play with it for awhile – and then ship it back, move on and get your next exciting toy in the mail. Less clutter and cost – more fun and variety. What’s not to like?