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Game Thinking Live 2017: Memorable Moments

Game Thinking Live (GTL) is our annual "gathering of the tribe" -- the experts, enthusiasts & entrepreneurs who create experiences that engage customers with a compelling path to mastery.

We has an amazing time at this year's event, GTL 2017 -- so many great highlights & deep insights. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some memorable moments & dynamic conversations. One of my favorites featured Raph Koster, Mike Sellers and Dan Olsen delving deep into Systems Thinking.  Check it out below. 


Game Thinking is a powerful blend of game design, systems thinking, and Lean UX.

It distills how cutting-edge innovation comes to life -- based on the habits and practices that led to breakthrough hits like Rock Band, eBay, The Sims, Ultima Online, Covet Fashion, Kickstarter & Slack. 

Stop wondering if you're doing it right — instead, build your MVP like a game designer and drive deep customer engagement from the ground up.


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